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The history of Tobelhof
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The history of Tobelhof

The Tobelhof was first mentioned in 1315 as “hof ze Tobel” on the Zürichberg. The oldest part of today’s Tobelhof can be traced back to 1553. The «Tobelhof» was originally a medieval clearing yard. Even today, the courtyard, which consists of several free-standing buildings, is surrounded by meadows and is not directly connected to the more recent development of the city. It is located in the city of Zurich above Dübendorf and enjoys a view of the Glatt Valley. The assembled group of buildings is roughly 500 years old and forms the main part of the system. It is a typical agricultural multi-purpose building for our area, which combined stable, barn and living under a large gable roof. The hip on the mountain side, on the other hand, is almost unique – a full hip was not often built in rural buildings in this country, even more rarely this roof shape has been preserved to this day. Additional roofs, some of which are at right angles to or offset from the main roof, as well as projecting canopies contribute to the diverse roof landscape of the ensemble – the result of larger and smaller supplementary buildings and an extremely typical process on a farm that has repeatedly adapted the buildings to new operational conditions. Adjustments have also been made to the living rooms: some walls are still made of planks – the oldest building will only have had these – but most of them were replaced in half-timbered over the centuries. The same thing happened with the eaves facades of the residential part. Despite this renovation, old window patterns have been preserved: there are window trolleys on the ground floor and single or double windows on the upper floor. The location of the rooms can be read on the window trolley. These extend almost the entire length of both eaves facades – an impressive appearance and also an indication that the «Tobelhof» must once have been a double residential building. The former living rooms on both sides are now the dining rooms of the restaurant. The roof space above the living area is used in its original form as a cold room and warehouse. Here you can see the almost 500-year-old construction made of columns, struts and rafts. The several meter high brick wall that separates the building along the ridge and in turn refers to the former double house is striking. The economic buildings of the «Tobelhof» are designed in the style typical for local agricultural buildings: They are wooden post structures, stables can be recognized from the outside by brick or plastered walls. The rural ensemble with the “Alter Tobelhof” restaurant with the “Chäsalp” in the adjoining building has been owned by the City of Zurich since 1957. In their external appearance, the buildings still show a clear characteristic of the former double use as a restaurant and farm. Apart from the new extension, all buildings and the rural surroundings are under municipal monument protection.

On September 3, 2014, the city council approved an overall renovation that started in May 2015. The renovation included:

– Dismantling of two extensions from the 1960s and a new extension
– A thermal insulation including new windows
– Complete replacement of plumbing, heating, ventilation, refrigeration technology, catering kitchen
– Fire protection measures
– New sub-roof and new tile roofing
– Refurbishment and / or replacement of surfaces and furniture
– Environment design including parking (implementation of design plan)

Graphic: Bauentwicklung über die Jahrhunderte