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We prefer a regional choice of high-quality ingredients for our drinks and meals. Our customers' favorites are the "Maggerone Fetä" and the Dairyman's breakfast.






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Ploughman's Brunch Chäsalp 61702 cm above sea level

Ploughman’s Brunch

Price per person
Adults and children over 13 years: 25 rappen per cm height
Children 2 to 5 years: 200 rappen per year of life
Children 6 to 12 years: 20 rappen per cm height

What we offer you for your money:
Coffee – Tea - Hot Chocolate - Ovomaltine – Milk - Orange Juice - Grapefruit Juice -Apple Juice - Birchermuesli - Buurehamme - Cold Cuts – Bacon – Salami – Yoghurt - Fruit Yoghurt – Quark - Fruit Salad - 4 Sorts of Cheese - 3 Different Kinds of Bread - Crispbread - Porridge - Bread Plait - Maggerone of the Day - Onion Rösti - Soup of the Day - Fried Bacon - Fried Eggs – 180-Second Boiled Eggs - Hard-boiled Eggs – Scrambled Eggs - Butter – Selection of Jam and Marmalade – Honey - Omelette of Your Choice - Cornflakes – Hot Fleischkäse – Basket of Fresh Fruit – Maggerone – Rösti –Chipolata-sausage – fried bacon -

There may be slight variations in the choice offered on Chäsalp!
We are, of course, happy to add special items on request as far as we are able.

En Guete!!! - enjoy your meal
Every Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday
from 10 am to 2.30pm
as much as you can eat - a pleasant surprise!

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No available table?
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You can reach us via +41 (0) 44 260 75 75 and we will check if a table has become available on short notice.

For special events and big groups
If you would like to host more than 18 people or if  a special touch is needed for a great event please get in touch using the contact form.

Bad weather?
If you reserved a spot in the garden, please be advised that we are unable to reserve a table inside the restaurant, too.